Which creatine supplement to choose?

People who engage in strength sports often believe that in their case the use of creatine is obvious. Many, however, doubt arises at a time when among the many products on the market you need to choose the right one for you.
For a start it is worth to determine which form of creatine you are interested. The most popular is monohydrate, which is also recommended for beginners sportsmen and women deciding to use creatine. Monohydrate is a very well tested and it provides high performance. Malate is considered to be the best absorbable creatine. Apart from them, there are nitrate, phosphate, ethyl ester, citrate, hydrochloride and magnesium creatine chelate. All forms of creatine have their supporters. In order to make the right decision you should, therefore, refer to the list of products that have gained the greatest popularity, using the independent rankings of creatine. Here, you can find among other products such as Storm from Universal, NitroBolon Trec and Creatine Xplode manufactured by Olympus. A list of recommended preparations is much longer, so you should more thoroughly acquainted with it.


At the same time it is worth noting that in sales there are available creatine supplements alone or with other ingredients. For starters, it is recommended that athletes rather should take only creatine. More advanced can therefore take products containing additional ingredients, but they must remember about their careful selection.