Creatine stacks

People interested in the use of creatine often have doubts about this, which form of it would the best choice. Being in this situation is worth considering the fact that instead of being under one form of creatine it is better not to try stak creatine.

Creatine stack in other words is a mixture of several different forms of creatine. It can be used by every athlete, however, particularly two groups are preffered. First they bring great results for those who prefer a short, but very intense effort. Stacks are also suited for those who prefer long training of low or medium intensity, because they provide many valuable nutrients. People interested in using a creatine stack can choose a lot of very good products. In order to make the right decision, take a look at the ranking of the best stacking creatine. In this list are, among other products such as Bombshell by URX and Scitec’s Bing Bang. The ranking does not miss the proposals of also very well-known brands, including Universal or Olympus. The first company has created an excellent stak Shock Trerapy, while the second Creatine Xplode.

Of course, choosing creatine stack you should also remember about their proper use, because only then you can achieve satisfactory results.

Which creatine supplement to choose?

People who engage in strength sports often believe that in their case the use of creatine is obvious. Many, however, doubt arises at a time when among the many products on the market you need to choose the right one for you.
For a start it is worth to determine which form of creatine you are interested. The most popular is monohydrate, which is also recommended for beginners sportsmen and women deciding to use creatine. Monohydrate is a very well tested and it provides high performance. Malate is considered to be the best absorbable creatine. Apart from them, there are nitrate, phosphate, ethyl ester, citrate, hydrochloride and magnesium creatine chelate. All forms of creatine have their supporters. In order to make the right decision you should, therefore, refer to the list of products that have gained the greatest popularity, using the independent rankings of creatine. Here, you can find among other products such as Storm from Universal, NitroBolon Trec and Creatine Xplode manufactured by Olympus. A list of recommended preparations is much longer, so you should more thoroughly acquainted with it.


At the same time it is worth noting that in sales there are available creatine supplements alone or with other ingredients. For starters, it is recommended that athletes rather should take only creatine. More advanced can therefore take products containing additional ingredients, but they must remember about their careful selection.


Product ranking

Many people wonder about which nutrients and supplements are the best. This question is often asked by people who decide to use creatine, a popular aid to build muscle mass. Contrary to appearances, it is impossible to clearly identify the best preparations, however, you can pay attention to those among them who have gained the greatest popularity.

Among the most popular supplements, creatine contained products from Universal, including creatine Storm and Shock Therapy. It is a very appreciated brand, and therefore fully understood is that people seeking a good creatine decide to buy their products. The situation is similar in the case of Trec. Their creatine is also found on the list of those that are most frequently chosen by athletes. These are mainly products such as NitroBolon and CM3. Many advocates also has a 100% Creatine by Scitec. It is a creatine monohydrate form. The most popular currently creatine also includes products from Olympus, among other things Creatine Xplode. This is a proposal intended primarily for the supporters of preparations that combine different forms of creatine. In the list of commercial preparations you can easily find different forms of creatine.
This ranking can be very helpful for people who are looking for good creatine. It is worth noting also on other issues, for example, the contents of additional components and the application of different preparations.

The best creatine supplements for novice bodybuilders

A help in choosing the right supplements and dietary supplements is needed primarily for beginners athletes who do not have a sufficiently large knowledge in this field. It is worth to pay attention to creatine, which are considered the best for beginner bodybuilders.

Experts do not agree on whether the creatine should reach a novice bodybuilders. Some people think that at the beginning a proper training and diet change is enough, however, can not be denied that using creatine can achieve even better results. Proponents of such a solution recommended primarily creatine monohydrate. This form of creatine is currently the most popular, which means that it has been thoroughly tested, and its operation is well known. Beginner bodybuilders should choose pure monohydrate, without any additives. But also in this matter specialists are not fully agree. Some of them point to the fact that very good results can be achieved also by selecting a combination of several forms of creatine, which are also very popular now. Such blends can easily be found in stores offering preparations for athletes.

It should be borne in mind that creatine is considered as one of the safest supplements to support muscle growth. For this reason, novice athletes do not have to worry about the use of other forms of creatine, for example, citrate malate. The most important is the appropriate dosage and intake at the right time.

The best creatine supplements for women

Creatine-containing supplements are taken primarily by men. But we can not forget that fitness, bodybuilding and other strength sports are very popular also among women. Contrary to appearances, the ladies can benefit from creatine to enhance the effectiveness of training.

Women often reflect on what form of creatine to choose. At the beginning most experts recommend creatine monohydrate, which is currently the most studied form of creatine. At the same time initially it is recommended to use pure creatine without any additional components. After a while, you may decide to try another form of creatine. It can, therefore, according to your preference to opt for example, malate, phosphate or magnesium creatine chelate. It is worth remembering that the principles of creatine on the body in the case of women is the same as men. Therefore, you do not need to worry about using any of the commercially available forms of creatine. Like men, women can use creatine cyclically and in a continuous manner. Both the single and the second solution has its supporters. In the case of women, there is also no restrictions on the mode of administration of creatine. It can therefore swallow tablets, as well as specially prepared drink solution.


Deciding on the use of creatine you must also be aware of the importance of the moment taking a supplement. It is the best to do it an hour before training or immediately after its completion.

Differences between creatine supplements

Creatine is a formulation, which are taken by many athletes who wish to increase their strength. Beginners often do not know, however, how to choose the right one for myself preparation. So it is worth to note the differences between the products.

This type of supplements differ primarily in terms of creatine form, which is used in them. In sale there is available mainly in the form of creatine monohydrate and malate. The first gained in popularity, but according to experts – malate is the best absorbable form of creatine. It is impossible, therefore, to clearly indicate which of these creatine is better. High efficiency also provide other creatine, for example, citrate, and nitrate, but now they are less popular.


Both the monohydrate and malate, as well as other forms of creatine may be served in various forms. Athletes, therefore, can choose to swallow tablets or powder to prepare the beverage. Like with other drugs, the beverage is rapidly absorbable, but actually used tablets are as effective as a liquid creatine.

Available creatine supplements also differ in terms of their ingredients. In some products there are, for example, components such as vitamin C, beta-alanine, or caffeine. You should pay attention to the entire list of ingredients to avoid, for example, overdose of certain nutrients.