The most popular craetine types

Creatine is a highly effective means of increasing strength, so it is used by many athletes. Before you start using creatine, however, it is necessary to select the right type.

Supplements which are now available usually contain creatine in one of two forms: either malate or monohydrate. According to experienced athletes both one and the other form of creatine allows you to achieve satisfactory results when properly applied. This does not mean, however, that can equate creatine monohydrate form and malate. The first creatine type is used most often. Due to the properties of the monohydrate it is recommended – in particular to athletes who have chosen strengh-sports. The second form of creatine, which is malate is considered to be the easiest assimilable by the body. Therefore, it represents the best solution when an athlete depends on the rapid perception results of the application of creatine. Of course, both the monohydrate and creatine malate, to achieve satisfactory results requires appropriate supplementation and, above all, the principles relating to the amount and time of reception of the subsequent doses.

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The most popular creatine supplements also can be divided in terms of form application. There are both tablets and powder for reconstitution. Both the one and the other are fully effective, so in this case you can follow your own preference.